Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby F.

Kaitrin was right!  We are just so elated.  Mr. F. is overjoyed because pilots statistically are more likely to have girls, and he is always proud to beat the odds at something.

The only tinge of "oh, if only..." I have is silly, really.  It's because of this nursery:

I first found the designer of this nursery, Joni, from oh so beautiful paper.  I'm a sucker for beautiful paper and invitations and signs.  (Gold foil!?! oh my, I love it.)  But when this paper queen was getting ready for her first baby, she decorated this for her daughter.  And I fell in love with it.

She started a new blog to help people with ideas for nurseries.  And there are some really darling ideas, but none that catch my heart like this one does.  Can you see the signs in the bottom pictures?  Me either.  Let's get closer.

Ok.  Now that I have that out of my system, please trust me that I am positively ecstatic to have little mr. f. in my belly!  And it's just so fun to know:  to be able to play with names, to dream of a nursery, to only focus on the little man stuff in baby stores, and to know that that little face that's peeping out in the last ultrasound picture from yesterday is our little man!  

How about this from lay baby lay?

I'm sure there is plenty of time to ponder nursery ideas and such.  ...because only God knows where we'll be when this baby is born.  Until we find out, it is fun to dream.

Do you have any great nursery resources?  Please share!


  1. ok ok i guessed thrilled that "The Little Whaler" is well on the way to bringing a million smiles to our faces as we wait to see HIM!!

  2. i love Lay Baby Lay!! wow.... no baby in my near future and i still say, "oh... only if"! :) love you guys!! so excited (to be right) for you!:) ha.
    doula kaitrin

  3. Shuler the shepherdessNovember 9, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    When I worked as a French translator for a yarn manufacturer (Pingouin and Wellcome), there were a couple of layette issues a year. A beautiful one still vivid in memory was suitable for all babes: grey and white stripes with bands of little elephants walking across. The first nursery you showed reminded me so much of that. Sooooo glad you're not wedded to the predictable blue or pink! Congratulations to you and Nik!!!

  4. Congratulations!! Boys are a wonderful gift. Now your mom and dad will have 3 of each.
    Love and Blessings!


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