Friday, December 16, 2011

Tid Bits

I've felt like I have too many things to say these days, but just little bits.  And the little bits aren't seeming like enough for a blog post.  Sorry to leave you hanging.  I feel like Emily Dickinson in her letters. 

Inspired by the lists people do on Fridays, here's my list of tid bits around here:

It's a fabulous size to throw into your purse.  And of course you need more than this for actual sewing, but I think it's fabulous for emergencies.

2.  Mr. F. came home with some safety vests for us to wear on our walks.  Seriously?  If we ever got assessed for a new life insurance plan, they would totally see that my love is Mr. Risk Aversion.  And we should get life insurance for a dollar a year.

Back to the vests:  I get it.  The sun sets at 4:42 today.  And if we go walking at night, we shouldn't be in black.  But is this necessary?

As you can see, I'm not convinced.  Although I do appreciate the care and concern and forethought of my loving Mr. F.

3.  One of my favorite things on earth is KID ART.  Yes, I'm yelling that!  And while I was home for Thanksgiving, I scored this piece from my 4 year-old niece.  

I'm in the blue.  As is baby Fünf.  Rebekah's in the black.  
I love that I'm wearing high heels.  

Bekah is the same person who when she came first saw me, she jumped and hugged me.  Then she squirmed to get down and lifted up my shirt and kissed my belly.  

5.  There are so many options to rub on your belly whilst pregnant.  I started with Queen Helene cocoa butter.  Maybe I got a bad batch.  But it was gritty and smelled bad.  So, I was on a hunt.  

Faced with these other options, a friend recommended the Mother's Special Blend.  It's an oil, which makes it easy to put on.  And then, I seal the deal with this divine solid lotion:

Thanks for the help, Eliana!
What have you other mamas used and loved?

6.  Glamor Shot time!!!  I wanted to show you these eatings that I'm in love with, so I marched to the bathroom to take a picture in the mirror.  I wasn't even paying attention to the towel hanging behind me.  Also: since I've been pregnant, I've seen several pictures of me smiling.  And many of them look like my cheeks have been stung by a bee or something.  It's not cute.  
That's why I can't smile.  But I do have joy in my soul over this little Fünf--don't get me wrong.
note bene:  the earings

7.  My dear friend Liz snapped some shots for our Christmas card 
while we were at the Christmas tree farm.  
And she is some kind of miracle worker, because 
though I wasn't feeling up for any pictures, she got some darling ones.  
I figure nobody wants to just see us all kissy kissy on a card hanging on their Christmas card display, 
so I couldn't use this one:

...but I thought I'd show you.  

8.  We did get a tree.  Even though we are moving 2 days after Christmas. 
Remember we are here on the temporary, living on bare bones.  
All Christmas decorations in storage. 
I need a tree.  

I love it.
Love that it looks like a Muppet.
Love that the spine is all jankity and shaped like an unending S.
Love that it's too tall and the tip is smooshled up to the ceiling.  

9.  Replacement jewelry boxes! 

Someplace I can't remember gave me the idea to split up big packs of things for Christmas presents.  So, I got some fabulous bangles, and divvied them up, but in the midst of all my wrapping, I realized I didn't have any boxes for the darlings.  

This just wasn't cutting it:

I just sewed up a little pouch and made a smaller ribbon the draw string, and voila!  

10.  Last but not least:  I've been commissioned to open an auxiliary Santa's Workshoppe.  
Why at the last minute do I decide to make dolls for all my nieces and goddaughter?
Because I'm crazy like that.  

I'm not even gonna show you what they are supposed to look like,
in case they look nothing like it.  
I'll keep you posted.  
The should be done by Saturday to get rushed in the mail.  
Wish me luck!  

Inspired by E.  Check out her list of goodies.


  1. I absolutely ADORE the pregnant kissing picture!!! Ya'll are SO SO precious! Also, that sewing clutch is the ish! Fossil is wonderful!

    Great writing as always, Mrs. F!

  2. I love reading your blogs they are awesome! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you both have a great weekend!

  4. Your post is awesome! I'm cracking up at your vests and your commentary. At least he's cautious! And that sewing clutch--I totally need to get one for my sewing fanatic sis. Cute!

  5. you and your sweet husband are adorable...enjoy reading the posts. And just where are you moving to this time?

  6. Debbie, we are going back to DC. Big city, here we come... again! :)

  7. love the muppet tree, and at Lush we sell the solid oil bars too--probably one of the reasons my stretch marks are bad is because I am too lazy to do any prevention but the Therapy bar is $10 and has no packaging.


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