Friday, January 20, 2012

Ten Little Happies

Yesterday, after 21 days with no internet, we are back to the future!  I don't recommend going so long without internet in 2012.  In order to celebrate Verizon getting their Fios here, I put together ten little happies that have accumulated over the last few weeks.

We are in a new space and have sold some stuff on good ole' Craigslist.  And picked up some stuff from Ikea, because you have to shop there if you have tiny space.  Without further ado...

#1:  A new kitchen table.  
Both of the leaves of this table fold down.  
Which makes our table take up only 8 inches.

#2:  New flatware.

We got one set for our wedding.
And we just splurged and got enough for everybody.  
I love eating with these.  
Don't you love the clean simplicity of these?
And they are heavy.  
I like a heavy fork.

#3.  Shelves.

We have three cabinets in our darling little kitchen.  
It's not enough.  
My genius husband put these shelves up.
Now I don't even have to open a cabinet for spices.  
See the white corner elbowing itself into the top right corner?
That's where Mr. F. hit his head for the first 8 days we lived here.
Now he's conditioned to duck.
Good thing he had lots of practice on ships.
He's good at ducking.

...Enough about the kitchen.  For now. 
#4.  A Shower Curtain
There are plenty of curiosities about our new little place.
One is the shower space.  
It's abnormally long.  Longer than a sheet.  
So, I had to make a shower curtain.
I was afraid it would look all jankety, but
the pattern lined up ok.

#5.  The Snoogle

See how this lady from 1997 is smiling while she sleeps?
She's probably been sleeping since she was contracted to model this pillow.
This huge C-shaped pillow helps me sleep like a beauty too.

#6.  A crib!
{full disclosure: this is not our kid.}

But this is our first big baby purchase!  
I found it on Craigslist for about 1/3 of the cost.

#7. Bag-o-Clothes

Quick story:
Last night when we went to pick up the crib,
the lady had three bins of baby clothes and told me I could look through.
So I did.
And found a huge pile of Gap baby stuff.  
This woman had a small fortune in clothes.
I sorted through, and found a bunch of stuff I liked, 
looked down at my mound
and asked,
"Can I have these things for $20?"
{Afterward on the way to the car, Mr. F. said he was embarrassed by this.
He was ready to offer $50.  
But you can't go down in bargaining, you have to go up.
So I started low.}
She said, "Oh.  That's a LOT of clothes for $20.  
And many of those things are brand new.
Could you pay $30?"
Playing the bargaining part, I looked at my husband and said,
"Babe, do you have 30 more dollars?"

And we walked out of there with this bag.
I had to cram it all into one bag, 
because it didn't feel right to ask for another bag.
Smooshed in here, we have gold, people, gold!

8.  Care packages.

Remember when you were a freshman in college and people sent you stuff?
Just because you had to live on pop tarts and cafeteria food?
I got one this week.

These chocolates are homemade peanut butter chocolates.
The best.
The recipe is from a chocolatier in Pittsburgh.
We used to get these in our Easter baskets.
But then the chocolatier retired and sold the business to some other candy company.
And they didn't keep this recipe. 
My mom, in full Nancy Drew style, tracked down the recipe.
What a gal.

#9.  Fünf's somersaults.

I wish I had a video for this,
When my whole belly moves.
I wish you could see
how Mr. F's eyes get so big
when we are sitting on the couch
and it's like an alien 
inside my tummy.
But a sweet alien
whom we can't wait to meet.

#10.  Shirts that are still long enough to cover this belly.

The face is because this used to be almost a tunic.
And be warned:
Don't tell me I look like I'm gonna pop,
You don't think I'll make it to the due date.
I look huge to you.
You can tell it's a boy because I have all that weight in my hips.

I will cut you.

But you are welcome to tell me the little things that are making you happy today.


  1. love the ten happies!!! your little family makes me happy! love, kaitrin

  2. Love that shower curtain!! You are one talented lady! I could never do that haha!

    1. Thanks! You totally could do it. You just need SPACE, which we are in short supply of around here. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, your family is adorable! I just came over from E Tells Tales and thought I would say hi. And that you are hilarious, and I think I love your blog. I'm jealous of free baby clothes and your fantas-great Craigslist crib steal. Also of shirts that still cover baby bellies; they are in short supply over here. When I was around 20 weeks pregnant with twins I had someone ask me "any day now?" And I just wanted to punch them in the face. Because, no... I still have forever left...

    1. Hi, Mary! TWINS! I asked the ultrasound tech at both ultrasounds, "Are you sure there's only one baby? I think there are two." But alas, I will start with one -- I'm sure he'll be enough to handle. I was just hoping I got the twin gene that scampers through our family. How old are your twins now?

  4. I just hopped over from E Tells Tales. Love your ten little things! And that crib is pretty stinkin' awesome. I've never seen anything like that before!

  5. love that table!!! and as your family grows you could even make it into a craft/homeschool table!! also you snoogle. I have one and LOVED it. my kids like sleeping with it now :) and you look fantastic! Beautiful baby bump!


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