Thursday, May 24, 2012


We'll do anything to get that smile.  Usually, we don't have to work so hard.
But you don't like cameras, so it's hard to document.

Today I realized Mr. F. most often says, 

"Hey, buddy!" 
and makes this weird gurgle sound with his tongue and bottom lip.  
boom.  SMILE.

And most often I say, 

"Hi, my little lovebug!!"
and I give him my winningest smile to copy.
bam. SMILE.

Now I wonder, What if he thinks his name is Buddy?  or worse, Lovebug?  This happened to my mom.  She went to first grade and the teacher told her to find the desk with her name.  She circled the room with growing anxiety.  Her name wasn't there--worse, what if her teacher thought she couldn't read her own name!!  Turns out, her mom never explained that everyone called her a NICKNAME.  She didn't know she had had a fake name all that time.

And then there's my niece who won the nickname Toot-Toot and wouldn't answer to her given name until she was 4.  And even now, it's spotty.

Needless to say, we've started saying the whole name Frassati, in all its grandeur.  


  1. I called Peanut "puppy" for 6 months after I got him. So thats like 5 or more years in dog life. He seems to be ok with it.

    In other news, we need to see you 3 soon!

    1. Yes! It's travel season 'round here. I'll have to look at the calendar and get with you. :)


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