Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chili v. Frassati v. Harper

Last night, Mr. F. goes,
"Remember when you used to blog.  and take pictures of our food?  I miss that."

Dawww.  Well, here it is.

venison chili

and the pot o' gold at the bottom of the rainbow.

But who really wants to see pictures of food?  Especially when you could see pictures of an adorable BABY!?  Baby trumps food.  Every time.  

Babies trumping things also makes me think of our walks lately.  I'm used to going to the commissary for groceries, and little F is the rockstar of every aisle.  Every. single. person dotes on him and waves at him and oogles over him.

However, when we go on walks with our neighbor who has an English bulldog puppy named Harper, everyone dotes and waves at and oogles over her.


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  1. Agree. Totally unacceptable.

    Furthermore, I'm glad Mr. F knocked some sense into you and made you post; however, NOW my dinner plans seem totally lame.


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