Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The City

I've moved to a new city.  I have a shiny new husband, hence a new name.  I have a new dog (step-dog, but we are learning to love each other).  I am launching a new business.  Friends gave me new dishes and kitchen gadgets.  All of this newness calls for a new blog.

Hello, Washington, DC, I'm Mrs. F.  Nice to meet you.  Yeah, there's a lot to learn about you, but it will be fun.  Your metro system and bus system and unending dining options and ever-winding paths don't scare me.  We're gonna be good friends, you and me.  I just know it.


  1. LOVE it Anna & I look forward to reading more. However, the font is very difficult to see...maybe it's just me?? Maybe... p.s. I'm so happy for you two that I could just pee!! Couldn't you just pee!!! :0)

  2. I COULD just pee! thanks :) Also, I changed the font. Is that easier to read?

  3. Mrs. F., font looks fine from NC! UB

  4. Anna and Nik, sittin in a tree
    taking over the government in washington Dc...

    ok thats all i got some one else add a verse...:)

  5. the font is awesome now!! p.s. you are too stinkin' cute!


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