Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lemon Tart, Very Pretty (or New Tools Show And Tell PART 1)

I love lemon.  So summery and light.  I might even like it more than chocolate.  My husband knows this, and rescued a broken machine from Goodwill, fixed it, and presented it to me with 2nd-grader ta-DA! enthusiasm.

This thing weighs about 20 lbs, and is sehr heavy duty.  This is the kind of machine I imagine an enlisted kid in the military using for 12 hours as some kind of punishment.  But for my two lemons, it just made me feel like I had big guns.  So, thank you, Mr. F., for giving me the where with all to juice any lemon that comes my way.

Since I have this lemonator, I decided lemon tart would be the perfect first dessert for me to make as a married lady.  I got to use my new food processor, new mixing bowls, and these measuring cups.  These were also a gift from Mr. F.  

I hope my hight school home ec teacher is reading this and notices that I still level off the tops of dry ingredients like she taught us.  

I used the Joy of Baking recipe.  I love a shortbread crust in tarts.  I also got to use my new tart pan for an actual tart!  (We've been using it every night as a serving dish.)  I got to use mint from our herb garden as a garnish, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.  The mint is what makes it.  I think next time, I'll 1.5 the crust recipe, because my tart pan is 10 inches instead of 8.  But I'm enjoying it enough to have some for breakfast.  

Want to come sit on the patio and have some with me?


  1. The tart looks yummy! And the lemonator looks cool! I'd trade my apple peeler-corer-slicer for one of those!

  2. Deliciousness! I would LOVE to come sit a spell with you. Mr. F. should be on the lookout for a heavy duty tortilla press at Goodwill. Then you can make homemade tortillas to die for and expand your cooking prowess! I'm looking for one as well.
    Love the new blog!

  3. @ BeckyJ, consistent dumpster diving and goodwill perusing will definitely reward us! I'll join your search party :)

  4. Oh that looks delicious!!!! Perfect for the hot weather you left behind...or maybe you didn't leave it behind!!! So glad the newest chapter of your life is off to a grand start! We miss you already!


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