Friday, July 1, 2011


For years, I've gone to my home town's outdoor concerts in a lovely park with live oaks reaching out their arms to cover us from heat.  Oh, I love dancing under those trees.

Here, there's an outdoor concert series that takes place on a farm!  How fun is that.  At Frying Pan Park (which is on a farm), we saw a band of first generation immigrants from Austria and Ukraine play Irish music.  Irish jigs are called that for a reason, you can't help but dance.

Scythian.  You should check 'em out:  (I picked this one because of the newlyweds.  Long live marriage!)

Next time, I'll try to tell you before we go to a concert, so you can come too!

P.S.  If anyone can tell me what inspired the name of this band WITHOUT googling, I'll give you a cookie.  Like, mail you an actual cookie.


  1. Aww, they are adorable!! Yes, long live marriage! We'll be married 20 years in November and still feel like newlyweds!

    I wish I knew what inspired Scythian, but sadly, no.

  2. How fun they seem! Now, I know the answer but I had the inside scoop from you as you know so I'll keep mum. (play on words?) Love you sweet girl.

    from the other Mrs. F


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