Friday, July 15, 2011

Textile and Brotherly Love

Fabric Row by mrs.f.
Fabric Row, a photo by mrs.f. on Flickr.

Mr. F. and I went on our first business trip for annaBgoods. Yesterday, we went to Fabric Row in Philadelphia. I had read several reviews online. I knew that it was mostly upholstery fabrics before we headed north, but I just had to see for myself. Well, they didn't lie. The few shops that carried clothing textiles carried mostly suitings, shirtings, or blingy fabrics only suitable for prom.

I had an interesting conversation with this darling, bent-up Jewish lady who had her shop there for over 35 years. I was telling her how I wished there had been more clothing fabric options, and she pulled out her soap box from under the cutting counter, stood up, and we dialogued about almost all clothing coming from international places where people are paid beans for their work equals a $20 dress from TJ Maxx and impossibility to make money constructing clothing in the USA. ...I digress. I'll tell you more about that conversation if you really want to get into the economics of trade and textiles and kids working as slaves in factories. Just email me.

We walked away from the Row with only two possibilities to play with for a winter line of clothing, BUT! the buildings themselves made me want to cry they were so beautiful.

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