Monday, July 18, 2011

Differences Attract, Similarities Keep You Together

Have you heard that?  It's surprising how much Mr. F.  and I are alike.  I suppose there's plenty that's different.  We found another difference this last weekend.

Number of concerts attended in one's lifetime--
     Me:  3      
     Him: 56 +

I sat there at the Philadelphia football stadium listing the concerts I'd been to:  DC Talk in 1994, Reba right after that (when "Fancy" was her big hit--and this is probably my all-time fave), and John Mayer.  Mr. F. sat there listing and listing and listing.  Everything from Jimmy Buffet to Bon Jovi to Dave Matthews (15x) to Lenny Kravitz to U2 to Dirks Bentley to Big Head Todd and the Monsters to Sister Hazel (at least 10 x)--you get the point.  That seemed unreal to me.  Well, it's great I get to be this man's date for concerts now.

So, we went to my fourth concert:  U2.  The staging was unbelievable.  And Bono is an incredible showman.  It was a fabulous night.

How many concerts have you been to?  Which ones stick out as spectacular?

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