Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Happenings plus a REAL surprise Guest

My birthday was lovely.  Mr. F. surprised me by staying home, so we got to have a giant breakfast (which is my favorite meal on earth, hands down, every day) and play all day.  Mid-morning, I got a call from a dear friend wishing me a happy day; and she said, "I told your husband I would bring paper goods, but we can not eat on paper plates for your 30th birthday!"  I said she was a girl after my own heart, and she said she'd see me later.  We hung up.  

Mr. F. was listening to my side of the conversation and had an "uh-oh" expression on his face as I asked, "Are we having a party tonight?!"  Indeed, we did have a surprise  party!

And I must digress here to discuss why anything planned is often better than a surprise:  primarily, I believe that 80% of the enjoyment of a happy thing is the anticipation of it.  Consider the holidays or a vacation or learning the sex of your baby as examples.  Also consider the opposite:  thwarted expectations are some of the hardest to deal with in life.  So, in a way, I am glad to have known about the party because all day long I was foreseeing merriment with friends.  

It was merry.  I got to eat chocolate Kahlua cake with friends, and Mr. F. and one of our buddies played guitar and harmonica and sang Ray LaMontagne and Jack Johnson and original songs.  Ooooh, it made my insides smile.  

AND.  This morning, I realized I had been visited by The Poem Elf yesterday!  Had I paid attention, I would have seen nothing short of THREE messages from The Poem Elf!  

How The Poem Elf knew it was my birthday?  I suppose elven magic.  I love TPE.  I've loved this elf for many moons now, and I hope one day soon you too, my reader friend, are visited.  

Such delightful and encouraging words.  And they helped me start the second day of this milestone year in kindness and happiness.  

Thank you, Poem Elf.  
Mrs. F.

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