Friday, August 26, 2011

School Cool

In honor of the back to school season, I started reading a book to Mr. F. and purchased this poster (perhaps for the nursery?).

Today, some of my favorite people are heading back to school.  I love this time of year.  I love school supplies, this weather (even the excitement of a hurricane--it makes me feel at home.).  There are so many things I love about school.  It's where you learn to learn.  It's where you learn to make friends.  It's where they let you holiday with your family.  It's where you get to see really cool things like a model T, or a cannon get shot, or build a trebuchet, or make a table-top many amazing things.

But what I love best is that there are so many new beginnings.  Each fall is a new start.  If it's not going so well, you can readjust and try again next quarter.  And if you aren't digging all your classes, maybe you'll get a bit of a change next semester.

I'm feeling like that about this pregnancy.  Ok, abysmal first trimester.  ::deep breath::  Let's move on to the next.  I'll take the new mercies that are meant for today, please.  I think I've worn out yesterday's.

"Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come.  We have only today.  Let us begin."
Mother Teresa


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  1. I love the poster. Also, enjoy each day...sick, tired, whatever the pregnancy brings. You are so blessed to have fallen pregnant and to have a tiny life spark flickering inside of you. Your body is doing what it was created to do, and it isn't always fun, comfortable or almost never is...but it's GLORIOUS all the same! Never take one moment for granted Anna...seize them and enjoy them all. When you hold him/her in your arms you will realize it was nothing, a piece of cake, and you will soon enough be ready to do it again. :0)


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