Monday, September 12, 2011

Letters to the Editor Encouraged

It has come to my attention that several of you are new to the blog world and are unable to comment.  And what fun is a one-sided conversation?  

SO!  You'll notice a few changes to the ol' blog-go:

1.  You can sign up to have blog posts emailed to you.  Sign up to the right, so you'll get all the news hot off the presses.

2.  If you are a blogger pro, I'd love you to stick my blog button on your blog!

3.  ANYONE--yes, that means you--can comment on blog posts.  Gone are the days of having to be a member of the blogosphere to give your two cents.  Just follow theses simple steps:
  • Click into the comment box and type something witty, encouraging, helpful, wise, etc.  (Note Bene:  All mean, ugly, biting comments will be deleted post haste.)  
  • Now, if you don't have and aren't interested in setting up a google blog account, just choose the Name/URL choice in the drop down box.  But I must say, if you read this blog or any other regularly, you should make an account.  So much of the fun in blogging is the conversation you get to have with people around the country.  Even if you don't have a blog, your profile is a way for people to recognize and get to know you as you enter the conversations of the web.  
          Here's the box that will come up next:
  • Even though it says, edit "profile," don't fear.  You aren't creating an account.  It's just for us to know who's commenting.  No URL?  No worries.  Just leave that blank and click continue.

  • Finally, just type the secret code that helps reduce spam. 

And you are done!  

Now let's put it to the test.  Can you comment?  Is the word verification annoying?  What's on your mind today?  Lemme hear it!


  1. I love your tech supportiveness... like a pro.

  2. Yay I have tried to comment before and couldn't thanks so much for opening it up :) I love your blog!!

  3. tgiTrey, I've been trained by the best. :) And, Tara, hooray ! I am so glad you are reading!

  4. I'm a blogger against word verification! :) LOL!!!

  5. your command of dealing with the computer is awesome!! I feel very lucky to have had a very early tutorial. I am special. :)

  6. Ok Awesome! It will finally let me comment:) just wanted to say I miss you and am keeping in touch with you by stalking your blog:) Hope your enjoying being preggo...Its the best experience ever!

  7. Anna i love your blog! p.s. this is one of Niks many cousins :)


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