Monday, October 17, 2011

She Returns

The life and times of the Fs has been pretty darn crazy lately.  I need to simmer a bit before I can tell you about our move.  So, for today, I’ll share with you a happy.  
For many moons, I’ve loved Bare Minerals products.  I love how they feel and look.  I love going into a store and letting my eyes feast on the many tiny pots of colors wonderful.  I love looking at the names.  One day I hope I get the job of naming colors of shadow or nail polish.  
But.  Every time I would visit a store or Sephora, I couldn’t spend less than $100.  I walked away.  And haven’t bought makeup for at least two years.  Maybe three.  So, I was sick of the stuff I had (Notice that I didn’t say I ran out.  What is this? The widow’s unending jug of beauty oil?).  
I found the perfect eye shadows.  Actually, my friend Sarah found it.  

No messes to be made.  All these colors in one palette.  They include a brush that you will actually use.  It’s fantastic!  
And one final comment:  Ladies, quit buying eye liner!  It’s a waste of money!  Just use your eye lining brush and some water and you get to pretend like you are in watercolor class.  Mix shadow colors to create the perfect shade of liner you need.  

You can see my go-to jam is the dark brown + gold + onyx.  The puddle will dry before your next use.  The watercolor approach to liner is so much easier on your eyes!  No pulling, creating wrinkles.  And.  You don’t have to sharpen anything.  Go ahead, try it.  Let me know how it goes.  Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing this! I will put this on my wish list! I, too, love Bare Minerals- but I usually buy the less expensive Everyday Minerals brand. It does last forever, doesn't it? I also love using eyeshadow as liner, I think it looks more natural.

  2. last comment from stalking your blog--stay away from mineral make up! It causes major micro-abrasions on your face which causes premature aging. People who use mineral make up for years can immediately be recognized by dermatologists and aestheticians. It's a slow process but it really kills your skin texture too. Even worse, many of the girls who work at the local bare minerals store shop at our Lush and you should see how rough and damaged their hands are from working with the mineral make up all the time--essentially the same thing the make up does to your face.

  3. REALLY!?? Good to know. Geeeeze.


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