Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It All Comes Full Circle

Mr. F. moved to the metro DC area a little more than a year ago. It was perfect timing for him to come do some training in another part of Virginia, since the lease was expiring. So we began to plan the move.

**Note:  Street parking is the only parking available 'round here.**

The first week that Mr. F. lived in DC, he came home to find this note with a rent check from his roommie:

The last week that Mr. F. lived in DC, he got this email from me:

Holy Cow.
The side-swiper only caught the mirror.
Saving you from torrents of tears.
Good thing you're so handy.
Fix this and I'll make you some candy.  

Isn't it crazy?  In a year, both cars got hit.  Good thing we're outta there.  And good thing I'm not a poet for a living.  

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