Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Mr. F's sister tied the knot this weekend in Charleston.  She was a stunning bride.  Absolutely stunning.

Like a doofus, I left our camera at home.  I am hoping some generous cousin will email me some pictures so I can show you more of our weekend.  I absolutely love weddings.

All the family and friends you love most--gathered in one place.
One of the holiest moments of life.
A fantastic feast of food.
The best music you've heard in a while
that makes you DANCE.
(Nobody even tries to stop it.  Sitting at the table, finishing the last bites on her plate,
you see her shoulder bopping, itching to get her whole body on the dance floor.)
Joy!  Oh, so much joy
that two people have felt the magic of love
and committed to ask for grace
to make that love grow
and ever become 

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