Wednesday, November 2, 2011

USPS is Alive and Kickin'

I love letters. 
I love the whole process.
I love buying beautiful stationery.
I love picking out the perfect pen.
I love going to the post office and asking for the book of stamps.
And Stan (the postman) brings out the notebook, and I get to pick from dozens:
{all of the above, please}

I love that letters were the first part of our love story.
Somehow letters say what phone conversations or chats over coffee
never will.

I love that my nieces are getting old enough to read and write letters. 
I figure if I send them enough letters, 
maybe someday I'll get one back.  

Do you write letters?  I suppose I should ask, Do you like getting letters?  If so, you should write them.  I have openings for pen pals.  Email me your address, and I'll send you something lovely.  {}


  1. If I manage to pick up anything from my mother, I hope it will be her knack for just-because notes.

  2. I so agree. I've already started Joleigh with penpals (all my friends who have children her age, around the globe)! - Brooke S.

  3. Liz, what a wonderful gift! You are a lucky duck to have a writing mama :)
    Brooke, go you! That's a great idea! I love it. What kinds of things do you put in their letters?


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