Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fear is a B.

I'm a mom.  I can't wait to meet my baby.  And every now and again, so many questions swirl in my mind:  
What if I tear giving birth? 
What if I can't breastfeed?
What if I don't love this baby enough?
What if I love this baby to the neglect of Mr. F?
What if this baby has colic?
What if I have really bad post-partum?
What if I utterly fail as a mother?

I've met this demon of fear before--before I married the love of my life.  And it's not the same as doubts.  Fear knows that I am on the track to Happiness, and he can't stand it.  In the heart of my heart, I knew marriage was where I was being called.  But Fear hated it.  Fear wanted me to be miserable and hopefully walk away.  

And he comes back every now and again.  But you can't walk away from a baby.  You just can't.  Ina May talks about how fear can prolong or even stall labor.  And at different points in our lives, I'm sure we could all dredge up something to be afraid of, something to fixate on and let our imaginations run rampant in the dark.  

Stop it.  Harness your thoughts.  

Fear is not from God.
Fear is a terrible counselor.
Fear is paralyzing.
Fear will ruin your life.
Fear will ruin your relationships
because the fears you have are not between you and _______.  
They are between you and God.

Turn around and face your fear,
Find the lie in the middle of its inflated importance in your life,
Scream the truth at it,
Reject it in Jesus' name.
Accept love.
Love casts out fear.

Our Lord wants to do that for you.
He wants to drive out your fear,
So that you can accept His love and 
After all, that's what each of us is called to--Love.


  1. I love this Anna :))))

  2. This is great, Anna! Thanks for writing and sharing. Look forward to seeing you soon!


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