Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Love Story - my beginning

It all started at a holiday party.  Such a lovely evening that dwindled into a few girls drinking chocolate espresso martinis--the best part of any party to me:  when all the small talk is out of the way, and you get to get real with those few who make it through to the end.  Or is it the end?

One of the beauties sipping a 'tini across from me, whom I had met maybe twice before at other parties, had a light bulb-moment.  With her eyes alight she said, "Oh!  I know your husband!"

I assured her she didn't, because--well--I wasn't married.

Unbefuddled, sure as ever, she waved away my contradiction, "No, I know, but.  I know him."  She continued to tell me all about this man:  He was oh-my-gosh, to-die-for darling.  Such a cutie.  A navy pilot, who doesn't love a man in a flight suit!?  He is a modern day renaissance man.  He is so incredibly talented in anything he decides to do.  He built his house from the foundation up, because he wanted to learn how to be handy.  And his house is exquisite.  And he's so hospitable!  Anyone is welcome at his house, and he is so good at making you feel it.  AND he's musical!  He plays like five instruments, probably more.  And he loves kids--he's so good with hers.  And he volunteers with the young men at church, and is such a role model for them.  He surfs.  He has such an incredible heart for God, but it doesn't make him weird, you know?  and FUNNY!!!  He's literally one of the funniest people she'd ever met.  And. and.  and...

She just kept going until someone said, "Is he on Facebook?"

Yes!  She hopped on the ol' computer and pulled up the book of faces, and there was his.  With some chick.  "Who's that?" I asked, pointing to the girl.

"Oh, that's his girlfriend.  Don't worry about her."

"Be too self-respecting to lavish the love 
of your whole heart, soul, and strength 
where such a gift is not wanted, 
and would be despised."
~Jane Eyre


  1. Bet those words came from Sara Edwards Williams, cause i remember telling her i had five daughters for Nik to choose from but she said soory Mama JOnes I've already picked her out!


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