Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Elephant Motto + Christmas Treat

"When you go to a white elephant, 
you better bring something fabulous
                                                                        be prepared to leave with a piece of shit."
                                                                                     ~my friend who invited me

If you keep this in mind, you will be less mad when you come home with something horrible that someone else thought was great.  Or--more likely--didn't have time to put any thought into it, so they grabbed the closest thing to them and shoved it in a bag.  

In other news, last night as we were getting little F ready for bed, there were sirens really close to us.  As I was asking Mr. F. to go outside and check it out and make sure everyone was ok, my neighbor called my phone.  My heart vaulted to my throat:  my first thought was that their house was on fire.  Such an alarmist.

Turns out, she was calling to remind us that Santa was coming through the neighborhood on the fire truck tonight.

Phew!  and Woo!

So, we chose our new Christmas pajamas to celebrate with and went to say
 hey and merry Christmas, Santa.

And that, my dear friends, is Frassati's first exposure to Santa.
I love that it was a straight from the 1950s sort of way.

Christmas is coming soon!
And I am no where close to finishing my over-zealous Christmas project.
I'm reverting to a high school-like procrastination--
doing everything but the project.  

Ok, I'm going to work on it.  
Say a prayer and a cheer for me.
Christmas miracles:
I still believe.


  1. Did you really wrap that top gift??? Ugh. I'm so intimidated by your skillllz.

    1. No, girl. Those are from the internet. This was mine. http://instagram.com/p/TThXDXNEHd/

    2. Links are at the very bottom of the post.

    3. I thought so. Then what I saw on instagram is still intimidating. :)

  2. I never saw the Falls Church Santa when I lived there : (


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